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Yoga am Strand

Was gibt es Schöneres als Yoga am Strand? In Zandvoort konnte ich eine Stunde bei Dick Langenberg genießen. Er gibt Yoga nach den7 Prinzipien des Vijnana Yoga, einer Yogaschule, die für mich neu war.

Die sieben Vijnana Yoga Prinzipien sind: (mehr …)

One week in „my“ studio on board

Yesterday it started again: after one week and about 60 new pictures we celebrate all painters and pictures with the Finissage. Now my pictures hang again – until tormorrow.

In „my“ studio on board the Mein Schiff 3 cruise we paint so many different pictures. Mantas, sunsets and the legendary whale fluke are some of the most favorite subjects. Through our huge windows wie spot sunsets, dolphins or just watch the waves.

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Welcome aboard!


Painting and sketching on board Mein Schiff 3

September & Oktober 2014: Adria with Croatia and west Mediterranian Sea
Early November 2014: Cape Verde Islands, Canary Islands with Marocco

The big adventure starts soon: on September 7th I will join Mein Schiff 3 in Valetta, Malta. For 4 month this brandnew and beautiful ship will be my home. I’m so exited to meet the crew and the guests and the studio.

I really appreciate creating together with the guests special travel memories. The beautiful studio gives us a stunning view on the sea and inspires us! Acrylics, watercolor and creating a travel journal are some of the workshops I offer to the guests. Let’s meet on Deck 6 Starfisch and if you can’t come I hope you enjoy my watercolors and sketchings.
Welcome aboard and happy painting!